Exit-Cube (Hong Kong) limited

The Encrypting Operating System (EOS) Patent.

An Encrypting Operating System (EOS), is a modified kernel (the operating system core) of  UNIX, Linux or other derivatives of UNIX or UNIX like kernels which is designed to encrypts data before data is stored and decrypts before data is read from disk to memory. Exit-Cube invented this method in 2001, filed provisional patent applications in 2002, and today nearly every operating system on the market uses an EOS style kernels which is why most of the time data appears safe.

Future Patents and Production Models

The Company has reached a turing point, where more and more of its projects today, do not undergo the lengthy patenting process in its time-to-market paradigm, thus reducing unnecessary overhead and lengthy workshops based on legal disclosures and avoiding serious threats which are thought to impair the investment model. Increased strategies provide all the necessary means today to operate at reduced costs models, returning higher yields and larger profit margins.